Rails: .ebextensions location

I’m trying out AWS Elastic Beanstalk as an option for deployment … got stuck on something that now seems really(!) obvious.


When deploying a Rails application using AWS Elastic Beanstalk. According to the documentation, the .ebextensions directory should be added to the “top-level directory of your source bundle.”

What’s the “source bundle” for a Rails app?


It goes at the root of your Rails app. For example:

Bonus Tip #1:
Make sure .ebextensions is added to git. Also make sure .elasticbeanstalk is added to .gitignore so it’s not in git.

Bonus Tip #2:
Be careful of the documentation and results in Google. A lot of it is out of date. Even quite a few of the tutorial and how-to docs on AWS itself.

Bonus Tip #3:
Pay attention to the difference between ‘commands’ and ‘container_commands’ and when they execute in the chain of events.