Joan’s Work: The About Page

Blog Pledge

I pledge to keep this blog on topic. Limited to coding, UI/UX, building websites, data and databases.

I pledge that if I don’t have anything to say I won’t start posting pictures of my cat.

Who’s Joan?

Currently I spend my time freelancing in the Ruby and Rails ecosystems. Latest project was/is the front-end application for an internal website analytics engine.

Need some help with your Rails application?

I can also be found on, LinkedIn and occasionally Twitter.

These days I work from a home office in mid-coast Maine. A place where an overnight 18” of snow is greeted with an indifferent shrug. Summer traffic jams of out-of-state plates are a good thing. And when the forecast is blue skies, 72 and breezy this place is magic.


The one and only picture of Molly.